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Feb. 27, 2008 (Day 32)

Temerarious: reckless; rash

Alright, I'm making up for yesterday by breaking out of my comfort zone. Today, my managing editor and I escaped the conference for a bit to visit a photography museum and wander down the tiny historic street Daytona Beach claims to have (two blocks of history as early as the 1980s!). I spotted these two standing on a street corner while we were stopped at a light right before turning onto the historic street. By the time we turned, they were walking with a guy in a business suit keeping a good distance behind them. I chuckled and wished I wasn't in a moving car so I could capture the moment.

After we parked and walked a bit, I looked around for this couple and was disappointed not to see them. But as we wandered to the upper part of the street, we passed them as they were resting outside a store. I really wanted their picture, but my managing editor and I walked by as they asked for change in order "to buy fare to get on a bus and get out of your town." They then began to grumble about how much the town sucked.

Since we had to pass them again to get back to the car, I decided it was my last chance. I had to get over my fear of talking to strangers and those who are homeless. I walked up to them and said, "This isn't my town, but I'll give you a couple bucks if you let me take your picture," to which they happily agreed. We talked a little as I snapped the shot, and then we moved on.

As I was processing the image, I was struck a little speechless by the girl's smile. It is so incredibly bright and warm. She's beautiful. I'm not sure I could ever have the temerity to choose the same lifestyle, but I admire the freedom of it. For me, just stepping out of my photography comfort zone was temerarious enough for one day.

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