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September 27, 2008 (Day 245)

Capitulate: to surrender under agreed conditions

Isn't that what love actually is?

Older photo because things are a bit of a blur right now. Need to work a bit tomorrow as I "wasted" most of today.

That included a very lovely lunch with the amazing Schmoo and Travis, and we got to meet David (RogersDA) along with his wife and daughter. The weather was horrible—sheeting rain by the time we were ready to go to our cars, of course—but the lunch was faboo as always. Sunflower, and the company, never disappoints.

I finally managed to undo the screws hiding my RAM in my other laptop and was able to install the extra 1GB of memory I'd had for the past week. Apple put some serious might into locking those teensy screws. I still have marks in my palm from the end of my screwdriver because I had to push down so hard. Backed up files with Time Machine and transferred more stuff over to the external HD as well. Trying to free up space for all the Moab pictures the lappy will need to hold after next week!

Note that I don't look like this in reality (yet). This shot has had heavy PP done, including major liposuction. ;)