Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Feb. 2, 2008 (Day 7)

Subterfuge: a deceptive device or stratagem

Step 1: Don Evil Genius cap to devise devious plan to catch those conniving cats
Step 2: Bring out carrier from hidden fortress and watch cats vanish into thin air
Step 3: Open one can of tuna and try not to trip over cats that have magically reappeared
Step 4: Place tuna in carrier
Step 5: Watch as dastardly kitties try to find the win-win scenario in the situation before them

Final Tally
Cats: 2 | Kerry: 0

Curse you conniving kitties! I would have succeeded if it weren't for those darn kids!

Note: No cats were harmed during this evil genius plan. In fact, said cats are sleeping off a gluttonous feast of fish not two feet away from the master of this brilliant stratagem. Evil genius wishes to pay homage to Alex and state that his cats are way more cooperative models!

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