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January 27, 2009 (Day 367)

Wanton: behaving lewdly

It's my birthday, and I celebrated with some cake! ^_^

Unfortunately, this also signals the last day of my photo-a-day project. :(

Looking at my image count, I'm disappointed in myself. I averaged just over half the quantity I should have had at this point. On the other hand, I have nearly 200 photos that I wouldn't have had without this project. :)

It's been quite an eventful year. I experienced a quick death of a burgeoning romance, driving around teeny roads in the United Kingdom, slipping down rocks in Moab, having a boss fired and not replaced, and a good run in the DGrin Challanges. In the coming year I'm already facing an interview for a job I've wanted for quite a while and planning a fantastic trip to Stockholm, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg. I wonder what else lies ahead?

I'm really going to miss this daily project. I've been struggling with whether to continue it or not. I kept up with it so poorly, I'd hate to follow the same pattern a second year running. I debated starting a "biweekly photo" project. I've thought about starting a blog, especially since I have a few shoots coming up. In the end, I still haven't made up my mind.

Regardless of where I go, I've enjoyed where I've been. You all in this community have kept me going. Your compliments and encouragement have been so welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for egging me on and following me here. It's been grand!

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