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Mar. 21, 2008 (Day 55)

Myriad: consisting of a very great but indefinite number; also, a very great many

When I first read this word, I immediately thought "macro," then decided the thread count in my carpet would fit the definition but would not be interesting enough. Then I began to wonder just how many hairs my cats actually have. I mean, they shed like crazy but never seem to get less fuzzy (yay! great for cuddling!). So I shot this for a quick grab and decided I'd replace it with something better later in the day. But this image took on greater significance for me as the day wore on.

I was watching a show this evening that involved the death of a pet, and it made me bawl like a little girl. I'm a sucker for little heart-rending scenarios like that. And this was just in a cartoon. But there was a moment so touching in it...

A mother is comforting her daughter, whose pet has just died. The mother tells how she had a pet die after a year when she was a little girl, and she was so upset, she never had a pet again. She couldn't understand why pets lived so much shorter lives than we did--didn't they realize how much we loved them and how sad it made us when they left? But, the mother says, as she thought more, she wondered if it wasn't the other way around: that the pets couldn't stand to have us leave them, so they left first. And since we were bigger, we had a larger capacity for pain and sadness, so it was our role to bear it.

I spent a lot of time after that burying my face into Sketch's fur and listening to him purr as I cried. I want him to know he's loved, and I want him to have the best time while he's with me. Whenever he goes, I will only pray that he was happy. That I made him happy and gave him a good home and lots of love. I still wish that every so often for Smokey, my very first pet, who passed away three years ago. And I hope it for Britta, who was a stray in my neighborhood in Texas. I hope she never regrets that I took her in.

I hope I was/am a good owner. And I will bear the sadness so you don't have to. I love you that much.

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