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Mar. 25, 2008 (Day 59)

Repine: to feel or express discontent

If it seems like this image has nothing to do with the word, read on...

When I first started looking to buy a house, I had "electric range and heating" as a requirement because I was terrified of gas. I was sincerely afraid that I would somehow blow myself up. Since I cook a lot, I felt this fear was justified. I bought this home because the pros outweighed the cons, and I still love it. But having gas heat still scares me, especially because the heater is in a closet in my bedroom.

Last night, after nearly a year in my new home, the carbon monoxide alarm in my bedroom went off. For about ten minutes before this, my computer speakers had been picking up a mumbling voice that was asking a question repeatedly (I couldn't tell what it was asking, but it was the same inflection and syllables, over and over), which had already put me on edge. After I called out the firemen to check for a leak, and they had come and gone (with me suffering a few mean scratches from terrified cats I was trying to hold on to outside), I called my mother. I was seriously freaked out and wound up, and I realized there are precious few people I can call to discuss this series of events with and not have them laugh outright or think I'm crazy for thinking spooks might be spooking me.

The conversation helped, but my fear of the gas heater flared anew, and I slept downstairs last night, as far as I could get from it. Today, I got a technician out here to double-check things and he found a loose fitting, which he glued. I feel a little better.

But I'm still looking at the door to the heater slightly askance.

And I don't have an explanation for the speakers, which have never picked up neighbors' conversations before. If it happens again tonight, I'll be huddling again downstairs, this time as far away from my office as possible.

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