Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Apr. 12, 2008 (Day 77)

Salubrious: healthful

I cook a lot. I figure the only way to be sure I'm putting the right things in my body is to prepare the food myself, so I cook more than eat out. I actually prepare all my meals at home and limit myself to eating out one night a week. It's a system that works well for me.

To help with all that cooking, I have lots of cookbooks. I frequently make low-fat substitutions in recipes, and I tweak a little more than when I first began cooking because I've gotten braver and trust my skills more.

Honestly, I just love cranking up my iTunes or Pandora station and bopping along as I chop, boil, and sautee. And it's so rewarding to enjoy the meal when its finished.

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