Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Jan. 31, 2008 (Day 5)

Tailor-made: Made by a tailor; esp. said of women's garments of a heavier type, close-fitting, and plain in style

Looks like that WW talk may be influencing a few of us...

I mentioned to a friend recently that I finally wore my little black dress out, and he asked if it was because I finally had the occassion or because it finally fit. (He apparently knows how we women like to horde a few things in hopes they'll fit again...some day.) Thankfully, in this case it was a matter of having the occassion. I'm not big into soirees that require little black dresses, so this beauty rarely sees the light of day. Poor thing.

So I give you "Pop!" to prove that I am silly, damn it, and I am not full of angst and melodrama all the time. And that I can work with color! Albeit stylized color. :P

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