Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Apr. 17, 2008 (Day 82)

Roister: to revel; to carouse

HEEEEEEY YOOOOOUUUU GUUUUUYYYYYyyyysss!! (Oh yeah, I just flashed my Generation X badge.) AKA: When inspiration fails you, photograph the cat.

I was trying to get Sketch to rear up on his hind legs while attacking a toy to make it look like he was dancing (a shot I managed in the past on my old P&S), but he was having none of it. Lazy cat didn't want to do more than roll around on his back and swish his claws through the air. However, the expressions I captured on his face are priceless and had me rolling in laughter as I filtered through them for processing.

I tried processing this with my usual photo tricks, but nothing really fit the mood my crazy cat was displaying. This effect is a happy accident from one of my standard steps: using the Threshold adjustment layer to find my black and white points. Since I had a black cat on my white couch (cough), this is what happened when I turned the adjustment layer on. The cartoony feel just fit so well, I went back to it and tweaked it for the final image.

So...yeah, I crossed the graphic design line, but I love it. To assuage the purists, I attempted more smoke shots last night. ;)

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