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October 4, 2008 (Day 252)

Volte-face: an about-face

I know this image may make no sense with this word, but trust me, it represents the word—and my day—quite well.

I went in to my fav camera store today to see about trading in my still-pretty-new P&S for one that wouldn't piss me off quite so much. (I currently have a Nikon Coolpix P5100; believe everything you read about the slow focus. It's irritating.) Unfortunately, they didn't have any Canon G9s, or the new G10, in stock. Yes, I'm a Nikon girl, but none of the Nikon P&S cameras shoot RAW. WTH?

So I went in to buy a camera that worked better...and I left buying two cameras that didn't work at all: this Brownie and another Kodak with a bellows. I love old cameras, and I've long been in love with the Brownie and the way it looks. I may not have a better P&S to take with me to Moab for back-up, but I'm a happy camper nonetheless.