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Jan. 27, 2008 (Day 1)

Indelible: incapable of being removed or erased

Well, welcome to day one. When I first read this word, I thought of the quaint, popular, alliterative "indelible ink," but my one and only tattoo did not pop into my mind. Perhaps it's because I woke up to a new decade in my life today: 30. I've been contemplating all morning how I feel about reaching this age milestone in my life, and I'm...apathetic. I don't feel the crisis or mortality I've heard other women bemoan upon reaching this age. On the other hand, I feel a tiny sense of loss that I've now permanently left my twenties behind, but in an unusual sense: like now I'm supposed to really be an adult. Which, to be honest, may never happen in my life. Talk to me about anything I'm passionate about and you'll swear I'm twelve years old again.

Trying to pinpoint what turning thirty means to me, this word seemed very auspicious, and perhaps that's why this is the image that raised itself in my mind when I read the word this morning. I like that: my existence and who I am will be impossible to erase. Screw mortality. Happy birthday to me! Here's to another year of indelibility.

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