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May 5, 2008 (Day 100)

Fustian: pompous or pretentious language

The word in the image is one I didn't even know until some time last year, and when I learned what it meant, I got a little angry. You see, folks in the newspaper biz are taught to write with the assumption their readers have a sixth-grade reading level. It's a general rule of thumb. So when this word popped up in two newspaper articles in two different papers within a few days of each other, I had to blink. I looked up the word, which means "everyday occurrence," essentially. Commonplace.

...Are you kidding? Stupid journalists. If it's an everyday occurrence, call it that! What the hell are you doing using a pompous, puffed-up word like "quotidian?"


It obviously still irks me. Nothing against the word personally, mind you.

I futzed up the focus and blew the highlights on this, but I'm just too drained to care. Things are hectic. I have so much to wrap up in these next couple days. I almost didn't shoot today, but I really wanted to hit the 100-day milestone. Especially since I'll be on a two-week hiatus coming up.

When I hit day 30, I began to doubt I'd make it to day 100, much less day 366. But there it is. 100 days. Man.

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