Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Mar. 22, 2008 (Day 56)

Remunerate: to pay an equivalent to for any service, loss, or expense

A few years ago, I went with a friend to help him adopt a cat from a shelter. He picked up a little black kitten who grew up to be the most docile cat when it came to being picked up and held for long periods of time. My friend could pick up the cat and cradle him like a baby, tucked in the crook of his arm without hugging or holding him there, and the cat would stay for at least 20 minutes without moving. He always said his cat knew he was "paying his rent" with the cuddles, so the cat never protested or resisted.

Sketch pays his rent by making me laugh on a daily basis. Today I came back from my walk and took a load of laundry out of the dryer so I could throw the load from the washer in when it finished. I tossed the laundry on the bed for folding later and got ready to take a shower. When I poked my head back into my room to grab a clean shirt, I noticed something slightly out of place in my pile of "lights." (Left) I only managed to grab that one shot of his head poking through before he burrowed in and then out the back side, where he settled in to sleep the rest of the day. Since none of my outfits are complete without cat hair, I figure he wanted to get a jump-start on helping me accessorize. :)

I feel a little guilty featuring Sketch so much--like I'm playing favorites. It's just he's so much easier to approach with the camera than Britta is, but I made it a point to capture a portrait of her today like I did for Sketch yesterday because she is truly such a beautiful cat.

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