Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Mar. 23, 2008 (Day 57)

Anathema: a curse; a person or thing cursed, or intensely disliked

I feel a little bad doing this on today of all days, but I don't control the WotD. I am at its mercy. So I am giving you the "evil eye." Ooooooooh...

Funnily enough, I spent a painstaking amount of time on the full color version of this image, trying out skin processing techniques, sharpening, saturation, and all that good stuff. All that work just to convert to black and white and cover most of it with a white mask. :D But I really like this result. Reminds me of the Audrey Hepburn image Fred Astaire develops in his darkroom in Funny Face. This will be the closest I ever get to looking like my silver-screen idol!

Immediately after typing the above, I grew curious what this would look like truly emulating that Hepburn image, so I reprocessed it and adjusted the mask. Alternate version here. Fun in its own right. :)

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