Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Feb. 10, 2008 (Day 15)

Raiment: clothing in general; garments

I woke this morning to a sky clothed in bitter gold, a sallow raiment, and sour. I wondered, in my half-asleep state, if the world were ending. The gloaming was acrid and dour, tarnished and threatening.

Through the numbing drowse arose a fleeting thought: "What a lovely picture that would make." It took mere moments more for some piece of my inner psyche to shake my brain awake and scream, "Then go grab the camera before it's gone!"

I threw aside my covers and dashed into my office, snatching my camera off the desk before stumbling back to my bedroom and throwing myself down onto the bed as I ripped off my lens cap. As I frantically fiddled with the dials and placed my eye to the view finder, the trees began to bend hard with a sudden gust of wind where breaths before all had been still. Was this, truly, the aftermath of a nuclear explosion?

My windows hummed low with a thrumming rattle, echoing the torment of the flattening trees. The sky began to spit on humanity, spattering the glass as I finally lowered my camera and waited for the roar of imminent demise to come shuddering forth.

But just as quickly, it stopped. The wind hiccuped and drew in, then held. The clouds began to break. Morning drizzled like honey through the cracks, and the world was shown in normal hue once more. Life went on.

I'm taking literary license with today's word, because this is really how my morning began. When I saw today's word, it fit what I had experienced. And I really wanted to share this image. This is straight out of the camera. The sky was actually this color. Creepiest start to a morning I've had in a long while.

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