Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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August 3, 2008 (Day 190)

Brummagem: cheap and showy; also, spurious

Fickle: false, deceitful, treacherous

Today's photo depicts gore and part of a woman's torso wearing a bra. It does not show violence or sexually explicit material. However, to prevent anyone getting in trouble during Monday's lunch break browsing, I wanted to give fair warning.

Okay, warning's out of the way. Click here to view today's image. You can leave comments below if you have them.

I took this image a week ago, but I've been putting off processing it. In a literal sense, it fits with today's first word (I made that wound with items I had in the house, so it's definitely cheap and showy), but I love how ironic it is when paired with OED's word for today, which is why it is also included above.

I'm really not happy with the processing, but that's more to do with the fact that I really need to reshoot this, but I don't want to unless I have a model. So I like the concept, but I need to redo the execution so it actually looks like what's in my head. Maybe someday. :)

Oh, I call this "Cross My Heart..."

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