Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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July 25, 2008 (Day 181)

Sempiternal: everlasting; eternal

I woke this morning to the faint, warm, loving sound of my mother's voice saying, "Hi, honey," as if to wake me gently from my slumber. I smiled before my heart suddenly began to race, and I bolted upright in fear.

I believe in the supernatural, and I find hope in the thought that loved ones will try to pass on their final goodbyes before they depart this world. Having worried about my mother's health for awhile, I was deathly afraid some accident had happened back home in Texas, and I began to cry, thinking the last I would hear my mother's voice was when I was half asleep and faintly aware.

Thankfully, nothing had happened. My mother is fine. But this will explain why my first thought upon reading today's word was "love." And though I can be a sappy cynic, I am a cynic, and I immediately discarded the idea since emotions are not eternal. I began trying to think of things that were eternal, and for every idea, my literal brain would conclude that none of it was truly everlasting. Trees? No, they die. Earth? It's changing; you really think it will be here forever? The sun? It's going to explode some day.

Having backed myself into a logical corner, I decided to search the internet for quotes about eternity to see if someone wiser than me had figured something out. Funnily enough, every quote was about love. We're a sentimental race, ain't we?

This led then to the formation of two concepts, one of which I will shoot to tomorrow (as I didn't quite expect the processing of this one to take quite this long). The second came from one of the quotes, which happens to be from my much adored Oscar Wilde: "If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life."

And there you have it. This is "I Will Wait..."

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