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December 1, 2008 (Day 310)

Incursion: entering another's domain

It's Monday, but I'm using Sunday's word and an image from Saturday. Sue me. :P

This weekend I made an onerous drive to shoot a wedding with expert Lynne Hulbert, encroaching upon the world of wedding photography. I had 98% certainty before making this journey that I never wanted to make a living shooting weddings. I'm now 100% certain. It was much harder than I had anticipated, and I'd anticipated something pretty grueling.

Lynne was a great sport letting me tag along, despite my non-smiling demeanor because I was so exhausted after the 10-hour drive and a restless evening before the wedding due to an amorous couple in the room next door. Once I got this shot, I assured her it was all worth it, every minute. And I still believe that. This shot makes my heart melt.

I like to learn from all walks of photography, and I was able to learn a lot by observing Lynne and helping her however I could. I'm so grateful to her for the experience.