Word of the Day - Black Cat Photography
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Feb. 24, 2008 (Day 29)

Irrupt: to burst in forcibly or suddenly

Okay, I had no idea "erupt" actually had a homonym. Or that its homonym was also its antonym. This amuses me. And erases all doubt that I am, indeed, a nerd.

I had other ideas to really illustrate this word, but I'm too tired to do them. Spent the day packing and cleaning, so I was drained by the time I got around to doing my photo for today. I also keep trying to remind myself that stories in photos can be very, very simple and still have huge impact. I need to practice this more.

I wanted to convey the tension you get in old horror movies, so in my head this is titled, "Don't Open the Door!" Ironically, this looks the most processed of anything I've posted yet--and it took the least amount of time. Much easier to make something look dirty and grainy than clean and bright.

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