It began when I was two (or so I like to imagine), this obsession with stories. They were read to me until I could begin reading them myself, and then writing them myself, and then envisioning whole worlds and characters with a bit of light, make-up, and magic. "Show, don't tell" was one of those dried-up, antagonistic adages that shriveled up as hard as a bean in my mind, took root, then spread infectiously.

Originally a small-town Texan gal, I made it to the big city (Seattle is "big city" to us small-town gals) on nothing more than my ambition and desire to make the world an easier place to read. Having run the gamut of the publishing world, I found myself in a role that again allowed me to be involved in the art aspect of it all, which reignited that creative spark I'd had since childhood.

Now I look for stories wherever the world presents them, and I find myself lucky each time I discover a new one and am able to share it with friends, family, and many whom I've never met but might chance across some day.

You can learn more about my story here, but in the meantime: What's your story?

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